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Our Story 

Roger Garcia has been an educator for over thirty years. He spent over fourteen years as a Teacher and Math Science Coordinator in the Texas schools, in addition he consulted with over forty school districts, as a math and reading consultant. He has authored over thirty books, developed the Maximizing Math Programs for grades 3 through 8, along with curricula for an Algebra

Roger Gracia 

About us 

At Flipclass  we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and interventions to mitigate learning losses and ensure every student's educational success. We understand that disruptions in education can lead to significant gaps in knowledge and skills, and we are committed to helping students bridge those gaps.

Our team of experienced educators, tutors, and mentors are passionate about supporting students in their learning journey. We offer targeted instruction, remedial programs, and personalized tutoring to address specific learning gaps. Our aim is to provide individualized support and guidance to help students catch up on missed content and build a solid foundation for future academic achievement.


We believe in the power of technology to enhance learning, and we integrate educational technology into our programs. Through online platforms, interactive lessons, and digital resources, we create engaging and self-paced learning environments that cater to each student's unique needs.


We recognize the importance of collaboration and engagement from all stakeholders. We work closely with parents, schools, and the community to ensure a holistic approach to mitigating learning losses. By involving parents in the learning process and partnering with local organizations, we create a strong support network that fosters student success.


At  flip class we are committed to providing not just academic support, but also addressing the social and emotional well-being of students. We believe that a supportive and inclusive learning environment is essential for their overall growth and development.

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6060 North Central Expressway Street Suite 500, Dallas TX 75206


972 829 5740


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