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Frequently Asked Questions for tutors

What is flipClass.com?

flipClass.com is India's leading marketplace for quality home/online tuitions, connecting budding and passionate teachers to students across the country.

Does this mean that I have to travel to a student's home and teach?

Yes, if you are taking a home tuition. If you are taking an online tuition, all you need is a laptop/desktop and good broadband connectivity.

Will you take a fixed percentage of money from my tuition?

No. We charge a onetime fixed fee of Rs 1000 for every student you get through our platform.

Do I need to pay Rs 1000 for every successful demo?


I see that you have requested Rs 1180 in place of Rs 1000 for the tuition I got through your platform.

Ohh..We forgot to tell you that there is a GST of 18% which we need to collect and pay to the government as a responsible organization.

Who collects the tuition fee?

You can collect weekly/monthly tuition fee from the parent after the classes. We discourage taking advance payment for tuition.

The parent has selected me but he is asking me not to inform flipClass about this. What should I do?

Please note that a failed demo for whatever reason will reduce your quality score/rating in the system. Even if it was not the case, do you really want to do this?

How much money can I make as a tutor?

We have given an indicative price calculator. The money you make is a function of how many hours you are spending in tuitions.

Great! So where can I register?

Well, that's very simple and takes around 15 minutes to complete. Click here to register and fill in your details.

What happens after registering as a tutor?

We need to assess your suitability for teaching before enrolling you in flipClass. This is done by an online assessment/test followed by an interview. Though we focus on basics, it will help if you brush up the subjects that you want to teach before test/interview.

What is the approximate distance that I have to travel? With today's traffic I don't want to travel long distances.

You can choose how much you want to travel. In general, we do not recommend traveling more than 4-5 km from your residence. We understand the stress caused by traffic and would not want to put you through the stress.

Does flipClass have any teaching method or study material that I need to follow?

We recommend using SmartKids/GeniusKids worksheets to cover key concepts in Mathematics, English and Science for grades 1st to 5th. Some parents, however, may have a specific objective of tuition and would want you to stick to certain books/material

Is there any registration fee for tutors?

Yes. There is a very small registration fee before your take the test.

I am M.Sc., B.Ed. with 8 years of experience. Do I need to go through assessment/interview ?

We respect your impressive credentials. However, we have a process which requires everyone to go through screening irrespective of their degree or years of experience. For most of our tutors it is an pleasant, intellectual and enjoyable experience.

I have gone through the screening process and have now enrolled. What next?

Our counselor will contact you with requirements in your area. Please take all the details and talk to customer over phone before going for a demo class.

Will I be paid for the demo class?

Giving a demo class is an opportunity for you to check compatibility and comfort before giving a commitment. It also helps customers make up their mind. You will not be paid for the demo class.

The counsellor has asked me to travel long distance for delivering tuition. Can I try for a month and see if it works for me?

You should commit for tuitions only if you are sure to continue for a long term. Stopping classes during the currency of committed sessions is vigorously discouraged.

I have been asked for a demo. Should I prepare?

Absolutely. Please ask for grade/board information from the counsellor. Brush up on the syllabus/topics and go prepared. Please note that in case you fail a demo, our internal system may mark your quality score down. Go for a demo only if you are very sure of the syllabus/topics and wish to continue for a long period.

I am shifting to some other location. I cannot continue.

Please make sure that you have informed the parent in advance so that he can arrange for a suitable replacement.

I have a question, which is not answered here.

Not a problem. You can contact us here or call us on (+91)8095243666

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