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Ankur A  
I am Mathematics Graduate and persued MCA from Nat
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I am Mathematics Graduate and persued MCA from National Institute of Technology Raipur. I have experience of teaching for 5 years.

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Nishant bansal  
I am an Electrical Engineer having pursued my bach
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I am an Electrical Engineer having pursued my bachelors of engineering from BIT Mesra Ranchi. Currently I am pursuing MTech in Power Systems from Delhi Technological University, Bawana. I would love teaching mathematics on weekends.

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Yash Y  
Passionate Computer Science Trainer with 3+ year Experience
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I'm currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from GGSIPU. I help the students focus on core concepts and practical knowledge.

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Areas in Rohini:
Sector 20
Sector 20-Pocket D4
Sector 20-Pocket C1
Sector 20-Pocket B4
Sector 20-Pocket C2
Sector 20-Pocket 16
Sector 20-Pocket 1
Sector 20-Pocket D3
Ramesh Enclave-Block B
Sector 2-Pocket 7
Sector 2-Pocket 6
Sector 3-Pocket F22
Sector 3-Pocket F23
Sector 3-Pocket E20
Sector 3-Pocket E21
Sector 1-Avantika Block B
Sector 3-Pocket F24
Sector 3-Pocket H26
Sector 3-Pocket G27
Sector 1-Avantika Block C
Sector 2-Avantika Enclave-Block A
Sector 2-Avantika Enclave-Block B
Sector 2-Pocket 5
Sector 2-Avantika Enclave
Sector 3-Pocket E19
Sector 3-Pocket F25
Sector 2-Avantika Enclave-Block C
Sector 3-Pocket E18
Sector 1-Avantika
Sector 2-Pocket 4
Sector 3-Pocket A2
Sector 3
Sector 1-Block D
Sector 4-Pocket A1
Sector 3-Pocket H28
Sector 3-Pocket B5
Sector 4-Pocket A3
Sector 3-Pocket A1
Sector 3-Pocket G29
Sector 4-Pocket A4
Sector 1-Block E
Sector 3-Pocket A3
Sector 3-Pocket H30
Sector 3-Pocket B6
Sector 3-Pocket B7
Sector 2-Pocket 3
Sector 3-Pocket G31
Sector 4-Pocket B5
Sector 3-Pocket D16
Sector 3-Pocket B9
Sector 3-Pocket B8
Sector 3-Pocket D17
Sector 3-Pocket H34
Sector 3-Pocket H32
Sector 4-Pocket B9
Sector 3-Pocket B10
Sector 3-Pocket C13
Sector 4-Pocket B6
Sector 3-Pocket D15
Sector 4-Pocket B7
Sector 3-Pocket D14
Sector 3-Pocket H33
Sector 3-Pocket C11
Sector 4-Pocket B8
Sector 8-Pocket B5
Sector 8-Pocket C8
Sector 8-Pocket C7
Sector 14 Extension
Sector 8-Pocket B6
Sector 8-Pocket B4
Sector 8-Pocket A3
Sector 8-Pocket C9
Sector 8
Sector 8-Pocket D10
Sector 8-Pocket D11
Sector 8-Pocket A2
Sector 8-Pocket A1
Sector 8-Pocket D14
Sector 8-Pocket D13
Sector 8-Pocket E15
Sector 8-Pocket D12
Sector 8-Pocket E16
Sector 8-Pocket F17
Sector 8-Pocket F18
Sector 8-Pocket F19
Sector 7-Pocket B5
Sector 7-Pocket B4
Sector 7-Pocket C7
Sector 7-Pocket C8
Sector 7-Pocket A3
Sector 7-Pocket C9
Sector 9
Sector 7-Pocket A1
Sector 14-Prashant Vihar-Block A1
Sector 7
Sector 3-Mangalam Place
Sector 14-Prashant Vihar-Block A
Sector 7-Nahar Pur Village
Sector 7-Pocket E1
Sector 7-Pocket B6
Sector 14-Prashant Vihar-Block B
Sector 7-Pocket D11
Sector 7-Pocket D10
Sector 14-Prashant Vihar-Block C
Sector 7-Pocket E4
Sector 7-Pocket D12
Sector 14-Prashant Vihar-Block C1
Sector 14
Rohini Extension
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block A
Phase 4 Sector 32-Pocket C1
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block G
Sector 23-Pocket 4a
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 6
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block B
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 11
Phase 3-Sector 22-PSP Area
Sector 23-Pocket 4 & 5
Sector 24-Pocket 5
Sector 24-Deep Vihar
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block C1
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block F
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block C
Phase 3-Sector 22
Sector 24-Pocket 9
Sector 21-Pocket 3
Sector 24-Pocket 6
Sector 21-Pocket 12
Sector 23-Pocket 9
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 7
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block D
Sector 23-Pocket 3
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 5
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 10
Sector 23-Pocket 2
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 12
Sector 24-Pocket 4
Sector 21-Pocket 11
Sector 24-Pocket 1
Sector 21-Pocket 10
Sector 24-Pocket 7
Sector 24-Deep Vihar-Block E
Sector 23-Pocket 6
Sector 21-Pocket 13
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 13
Sector 24-Pocket 3
Sector 24-Pocket 8
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 9
Prahlad Vihar-Block C
Sector 23-Pocket 8
Sector 24-Pocket 10
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 3
Sector 20-MCD Flats
Sector 21-Pocket 9
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 4
Phase 3-Sector 22-Pocket 14
Sector 24-Pocket 27
Sector 25
Sector 11
Sector 25-Block D
Sector 25-Block C
Sector 25-Block E
Sector 25-Block B
Sector 25-Block A
Sector 24-Pocket 21
Sector 24-Pocket 20
Sector 24
Sector 24-Pocket 22
Sector 24-JJ Colony
Sector 25-Pocket 3
Sector 26
Sector 25-Pocket 1
Sector 25-Pocket 2
Sector 24-Pocket 23
Sector 25-Pocket 8
Sector 24-Pocket 28
Sector 25-Pocket 4
Sector 24-Pocket 19
Sector 24-Pocket 17
Sector 24-Pocket 24
Sector 24-Pocket 16
Sector 11-Pocket F3
Sector 24-Pocket 18
Sector 24-JJ Colony-Block A
Sector 11-Pocket F2
Sector 25-Pocket 5
Sector 24-JJ Colony-Block B
Sector 24-Pocket 13
Sector 11-Pocket G7
Sector 24-JJ Colony-Block D
Sector 11-Pocket G6
Sector 11-Pocket F1
Sector 24-Pocket 25
Sector 25-Pocket 5a
Sector 24-JJ Colony-Block C
Sector 24-Pocket 14
Sector 11-Pocket G4
Sector 24-Pocket 15
Sector 24-Pocket 12
Sector 11-Pocket D3
Sector 11-Pocket G1
Sector 11-Pocket D2
Prahlad Vihar-Block E
Prahlad Vihar-Block F
Sector 24-Pocket 26
Sector 25-Pocket 7
Sector 11-Pocket G8
Sector 25-Pocket 6
Sector 24-JJ Colony-Block E
Sector 11-Pocket G5
Sector 11-Pocket D1
Sector 24-Pocket 15a
Sector 11-Pocket G3
Sector 11-Pocket H5
Sector 24-Pocket 11
Sector 11-Pocket G2
Sector 11-Pocket A3
Sector 11-Pocket H3
Sector 11-Pocket B7
Sector 11-Pocket H1
Sector 11-Pocket E2
Sector 11-Pocket A2
Sector 24-Pocket 2
Shahbad Dairy-JJ Colony
Sector 11-Pocket H4
Sector 25-Pocket 9
Sector 11-Pocket B6
Shahbad Dairy-Block New E
Sector 11-Pocket E1
Sector 10
Sector 15-Block A
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 6
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 2
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 4
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block B
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 8
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 3
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 1
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 6
Sector 15-Block G
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 16
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 1
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 3
Sector 15
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 8
Sector 15-Block B-Pocket 2
Sector 15-Block A-Pocket 4
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 15
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 14
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 17
Sector 15-Pocket 8b
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 13
Sector 15-Block C
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 12
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 10
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 1
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 8
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 9
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 4
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 10
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 11
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 6
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 8
Sector 15-Pocket 8a
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 3
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 13
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 14
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 18
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 6
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 12
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 3
Sector 13
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 8
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 2
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 4
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 2
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 11
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 9
Sector 15-Block C-Pocket 9
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 6
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 9
Sector 15-Block F
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 1
Sector 15-Block G-Pocket 1
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 10
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 10
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 15
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 4
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 8
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 1
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 6
Sector 16
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 6
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 16
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 4
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 17
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 2
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 7
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 5
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 19
Sector 16-Pocket A
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 20
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 1
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 3
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 18
Sector 19
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 2
Sector 18-Block C
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 2
Sector 15-Block D-Pocket 3
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 4
Sector 15-Block E1
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 21
Sector 16-Pocket B-Pocket B1
Sector 15-Block F-Pocket 3
Sector 16-Pocket A-Pocket 8
Sector 15-Block E2
Nanesh Enclave
Sector 35-Lig Flats-Pocket 6
Sector 35-Lig Flats-Pocket 5
Nanesh Enclave-Jain Colony
Sector 34
Sector 30-Pocket C1
Sector 29-Pocket D1
Sector 30-Pocket C2
Sector 34-Dda Flats-Pocket 3
Sector 34-Dda Flats-Pocket 4
Sector 30
Sector 29-Pocket D2
Sector 29-Pocket Gh4
Sector 30-Pocket A1
Sector 29-Pocket Gh2
Sector 29-Pocket D3
Sector 34-Dda Flats-Pocket 1
Sector 28-Pocket Gh2
Sector 34-Dda Flats-Pocket 2
Sector 29-Pocket B2
Sector 29-Pocket 4
Sector 29-Pocket B3
Sector 28-Pocket C4
Sector 28-Pocket C3
Sector 28-Pocket C1
Sector 28-Pocket C2
Sector 28-Pocket C5
Sector 29-Pocket A1
Sector 28-Pocket Gh3
Sector 29-Pocket 5
Sector 28-Pocket Gh4
Sector 29-Pocket B1
Sector 27-Parkash Vihar Colony
Sector 29-Pocket A3
Sector 28-Pocket Gh1
Sector 27-Pocket C1
Sector 29-Pocket A2
Sector 28-Pocket A4
Sector 28-Shiv Vihar
Sector 28
Sector 29-Pocket Gh1
Sector 30-Pocket A6
Sector 28-Pocket A5
Sector 27-Pocket C2
Sector 29-Pocket Gh3
Shahbad Dairy-Block B
Shahbad Dairy-Block A
Shahbad Dairy-Block New A
Shahbad Dairy-Block E
Shahbad Dairy-Block D
Shahbad Dairy-Block C
Shahbad Dairy-Block New C
Shahbad Dairy-Block New A-JJ Colony
Sector 26-Phase 4
Shahbad Dairy-Block New B
Sector 26-Delhi Police Staff Flats
Sector 18-Suraj Park-Block B
Sector 18
Sector 18-Block I
Sector 18-Suraj Park-Block C
Sector 18-Suraj Park-Block A
Sector 16-Pocket I
Sector 17-Amarjyoti Colony-Block B
Sector 16-Pocket J
Sector 17-Amarjyoti Colony-Block C
Sector 18-Block H-Pocket H3
Sector 17
Sector 16-Pocket J-Sardar Colony
Sector 17-Amarjyoti Colony-Block A
Sector 17-Block B-Pocket B3
Sector 16-Pocket I-Pocket I3
Sector 17-Block B-Pocket B4