Fractions - Class 8 Mathematics CBSE ICSE

Improve your understanding of Fractions by practicing the below questions from class 8 Mathematics.
From a 1013 m length of ribbon, 416 m is cut off. The length of the remaining piece of ribbon is _______.
The weight of an empty gas cylinder is 1645 kg and it contains 1423 kg of gas. The weight of the cylinder filled with gas is ______.

Which of the following fraction has the same value as 34 ?

Tara completed 37 of holiday homework on the first day and 17 on the next day. What fraction is still left out?

Each basket had 60 kg of fruits. 14 of it was apple, 23 of the remaining is oranges. The rest of it were grapes. How much of grapes were in it?
Mr. Singh takes 215 minutes to walk across the park. Mr. Roy takes 74 minutes to do the same. Who takes less time and by what fraction?
What fraction of single digit natural number is Prime?
A chain contains 20 blue and black beads. If 45 th of the beads are black, how many are blue?
Nisha bought 12 chocolates and gave 14 of these to Radha. How many are still left with her?
A project was to be completed in 1213 hours. The project was completed in 323 hours before time. In how many hours was the work project completed?