Ratio and Proportion - Class 8 Mathematics CBSE ICSE

Improve your understanding of Ratio and Proportion by practicing the below questions from class 8 Mathematics.
If P:Q=3:5 and Q:R=7:9 find P:Q:R.
The first, second and fourth terms of a proportion are 2, 3, 11.7. Find the third term.
With which ratio will 19 and 17 form a proportion?

What is the simplest form of 35:49?

The value of x, if 10:6:: x: 3
The perimeters of two circles (in cm) are 6P and 14P. What is the ratio of their radii?
In a ratio, the ________ of the terms is very important.

If 15:5 = x:6, the value of x is

Which of the following are not in proportion?

What is the consequent, if the antecedent is 126 in the ratio 3:6?