Ratio and Proportion - Class 8 Mathematics CBSE ICSE

Improve your understanding of Ratio and Proportion by practicing the below questions from class 8 Mathematics.
If 15:5 = x:6, the value of x is __________.
For every 21 eggs that I buy, 6 are broken. At this rate, how many broken eggs will I have if I buy 35?
The value of x, if 10:6:: x: 3

During the New Year Sale, a skirt which costed Rs. 350 was discounted by Rs.50. What is the ratio of the actual price to the discounted price?

In any proportion, product of the extremes is always ______ the product of the means.
720 stamps were divided between Reetu, Neetu and Naveen in the ratio 5:4:7. How many stamps did Naveen receive more than Reetu?
Find the second angle of a triangle if angles I, II and III are in a ratio 2:1:3.
Three dozens of apples cost Rs.360. What is the approximate cost of twenty apples?

A rail journey of 125 km costs Rs. 2500. How much will a journey of 110 km cost?

Out of a total of 1245 passengers in it, 347 are men, 98 are children and the rest are women. Find the ratio of women to the total passengers in the train.