Parent Testimonials

"It is a great concept especially for the children who are not able to cope up with the speedy teaching of teachers in a class of 40 children, where the teacher is not able to give required level of attention to each child....Flipclass helps nurturing the talent of the child by giving special attention to enhance the hidden skills in him and simultaneously which shows up the results in academics and personality development. Rather than criticizing, the effort of FlipClass can be appreciated." "
- Indrani Debnath Roy(Parent)
"... flipClass have arranged an excellent home tutor with in depth subject knowledge and lots of patience...I am very happy with their services."
- Kushagra Bisla (Parent of a standard VII student)
"My son is improving in maths... has been possible due to the excellent tutor provided by flipClass."
- Nazreen Vakharia(Parent of a standard IX student)
"It is great experience to have taken flipClass' looking forward to taking up tutors for other subjects as well."
- Tarun Jauhari (Parent of a standard X student)