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Passionate in teaching

About Me

I am a IoT developer working in Hyderabad. As a recent BE graduate from a top tier technical institute in India, I am now involved in a high profile project. Prudence in decision making, excellent problem-solving skills, solution-oriented mindset with clear focus on sustainability are some of the key qualities that support my interest and passion in pursuing a technical degree and getting expertise. Always looking forward to interesting opportunities to elevate my knowledge and contribute to society. Primarily interested in protocol level work related to IoT. My calling for professional excellence is in sharing what I have learnt. My senior colleague once said that it was fun to share her knowledge to create dynamism from what was latent source in her and I am glad to have felt the same. If you have not tried this active exchange then in the words of Dr. Seuss “If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good”. And yes I read (a lot actually) looks like I have already given away the secret.

Area : Nallagandla, Hyderabad
Teaching Exprience: 6 years
Mother Tongue: Hindi
Proficiency in English: Full Professional
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Availability: Available
Weekends (Sat-Sun) Availability: Available


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