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Saurabh Kumar Awasthi -B.Tech. (CSE). -NIT ALLHABAD 2010, AIEEE AIR 1227

About Me

Respected guardian, I believe that if concepts are crystal clear then everything becomes easy. This comes by development of interest in a particular subject. I don't believe in mugging of formulas or definitions. My belief is that once you know how to derive that formula, you will remember that. During my preparation of engineering entrance exams, I cleared my concepts in depth. I feel that I should pay back to the society whatever I know for the welfare of coming generations. This will embed me some sort of self satisfaction that I spread the knowledge to the people who needed it. Regards, Saurabh

Teaching Experience: 5 years
Mother Tongue: Other
Proficiency in English: Limited Working
Weekdays (Mon-Fri) Availability: Available
Weekends (Sat-Sun) Availability: Available
City: Noida


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