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Kusum jha  
I love to teach. I provide result oriented Tution.
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I love to teach. I provide result oriented Tution. Students get excellent grades for sure.

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Monika C  
Mathematics teacher experience 6years+
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I am a graduate fromD.U. I have a experience in teaching 6 yrs +. I teach students as per the school curriculum and mainly focused to explain the concepts in a depth manner. I take tutions from class 5th till 8th

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Penny Tran
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Areas in Bawana:
Sector 3-Lal Flats
Bawana Extension
Krishna Vihar Colony
Bawana Extension-Indraj Colony
Ishwar Colony-Phase II
Ramesh Nagar
Bawana Village
Sector 1-Pocket A
Sector 1-Pocket G
Sector 1-Pocket F
Ishwar Colony-Phase III
Phase III
Sector 1-Pocket B
Sector 1-Pocket E
Sector 1-Pocket H
Sector 1-Pocket I
Sector 1-Pocket J
Vijay Nagar-Block C
Sector 1-Pocket C
Sector 1-Pocket D
Sector 1-Pocket N
Sector 1-Pocket O
Sector 1-Pocket P
Sector 1-Pocket K
Sector 1-Pocket M
Vijay Nagar-Block A
Ishwar Colony-Phase I
Sector 2-Pocket G
Sector 1-Pocket L
Sector 2-Pocket F
Sector 2-Pocket L
Sector 1-Pocket on
Sector 3-Block C
Sector 3-Block B
Vijay Nagar-Block B
Sector 3
Sector 3-Block D
Sector 3-Block H
Sector 2-Pocket A
Sector 2-Pocket M
Vijay Nagar-Block D
Sector 2-Pocket H
Sector 2-Pocket E
Sector 2-Pocket B
Sector 3-Block E
Sector 2-Pocket K
Sector 2-Pocket N
Asthal Colony
Sector 3-Block I
Sector 4-Pocket A
Sector 3-Block G
Sector 2-Pocket I
Sector 2-Pocket D
Sector 2-Pocket C
Sector 2-Pocket J
Sector 3-Block F
Sector 4-Pocket B
Sector 2-Pocket O
Sector 3-Block J
Sector 4-Pocket F
Sector 3-Block K
Sector 3-Block L
Sector 4-Pocket C
Sector 4-Pocket E
Sector 3-Block M
JJ Colony-Block G
JJ Colony-Block H
JJ Colony-Block F
JJ Colony-Block D
JJ Colony-Block C
Sector 4-Pocket G
Sector 4-Pocket D
Sector 3-Block O
Sector 3-Block P
JJ Colony-Block M
Sector 4-Pocket H
Sector 3-Block N
JJ Colony-Block E
JJ Colony-Block B
Sector 5
Sector 4
Sector 4-Pocket I
Sector 5-Pocket A
Sector 5-Pocket B
Sector 4-Pocket J
Sector 5-Pocket C
Sector 5-Pocket H
Sector 5-Pocket I1
Sector 5-Pocket I
Sector 5-Pocket D
Sector 5-Pocket N1
Sector 5-Pocket G
JJ Colony-Block L
Sector G8
Sector 5-Pocket N
Sector 5-Pocket J
JJ Colony-Block J
Sector 5-Pocket E
JJ Colony-Block K
Sector 5-Pocket F
Sector 5-Pocket M
Sector 5-Pocket O
Sector 5-Pocket K
Sector 5-Pocket L
Sector 5-Pocket P
Rajeev Ratan Awas Parisar
JJ Colony
Pocket 3
JJ Colony-Block A