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Shivani sharma  
i am and B.ed graduate from kurukshetra univ
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i am and B.ed graduate from kurukshetra university on 2008. i am having 5 years of experience in teaching in private school and presently taking home tutions in delhi .

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Nandan K  
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I have done my engineering from Bhopal in mechanical branch with 81.5% and I have 6 month teaching experience in school and 6 month for engineering students... I believe in basic knowledge and concept, without concept you can pass school exam but not competitive exam... So improve the concept, knowledge automatically increase.

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Areas in Burari:
Himagiri Enclave
Himgiri Enclave-Block A
Himgiri Enclave-Block B
Jharoda-Ramesh Tyagi Colony
Tomar Colony
Harit Vihar-Block C
Jharoda Dairy
Harit Vihar-Block A
Harit Vihar-Block B
West Sant Nagar-Block A2
Block A1 Extension
Sant Nagar Extension
Harit Vihar-Block D
Sant Nagar-Block A1
Jharoda-Krishna Kunj
West Sant Nagar-Chandan Nagar
Jharoda-Hardev Nagar-Block D
Jharoda-Hardev Nagar-Block B
Jharoda-Hardev Nagar-Block A
Jharoda-Hardev Nagar-Block C
Kamal Vihar
Jharoda-Surender Colony-Block C
West Sant Nagar
Sant Nagar-Hanuman Kunj
Jharoda-Hardev Nagar-Block E
Sant Nagar
Sant Nagar-Shiv Kunj
Sant Nagar-B Block
Jharoda-Surender Colony-Block A
West Kamal Vihar
Jharoda-Surender Colony-Block B
Sant Nagar-Pragati Enclave
Jharoda-Surender Colony-Block E
Jharoda-Surender Colony-Block D
Jharoda-Jharoda Extension
Sant Nagar-Parvatiya Anchal
Milan Vihar
Indraprasth Colony
Indraprasth Colony-Block C
Indraprasth Colony-Block B
Indraprasth Colony-Block A
Indraprasth Colony Part I
Amrit Vihar-Block C
Kaushik Enclave
Laxmi Vihar
Ajit Vihar
Burari Village
Shakti Enclave
Virendra Nagar
Shankarpura Village
Amrit Vihar-Block A
Darshan Vihar
Satya Vihar
Sunil Colony
Pradhan Enclave
Kaushik Enclave Part II-Block B
Uttrakhand Enclave-Block B
Amrit Vihar-Block A-Block A1
Amrit Vihar-Block B
Vashishth Vihar
Jatav Basti
Ganesh Nagar
Shastri Park-Block A
Vijay Colony
Upkar Colony
Uttrakhand Enclave-Block A
Numberdar Colony
Uttrakhand Enclave II-Block A
Conductor Colony
Pradhan Enclave-Block E
Shastri Park Extension-Block A
Baba Colony
Shastri Park Extension-Block B
Pradhan Enclave-Block A
Pradhan Enclave-Block D
Uttrakhand Enclave II-Block B
Pradhan Enclave-Block E-Block E2
Pradhan Enclave-Block B
Pradhan Enclave-Block C
Pradhan Enclave-Block E-Block E1
Sant Nagar-Fauji Colony
Parasram Enclave-Block A
Parasram Enclave-Block B
Garhi Khasru